Making It Better Notes

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$18.00 eMail $19.50 US Mail


The "Making It Better Notes" are detailed instructions of how to thoroughly check your home and other personal spaces for electrical pollution and then do the remediation necessary to create an electromagnetically safe environment. The Notes are written in a non-technical way, in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format.  The information in the Making It Better Notes is not available in any book or on any other Web site on the planet. [continued ... ]

Step-by-step do-it-yourself household electrical pollution safety and remediation instructions. $18 by e-mail, $19.50 by US Mail.


Building Checking and Remediation

$30/hr Travel $80/hr On-site

If you live in SE Wisconsin, I am available to thoroughly check your home, school or business for electrical pollution. I will install the number of filters you need and advise you on any further remediation or avoidance techniques needed. I charge $30 an hour travel time and $80 an hour on-site work time. (Special rates for seniors and disabled.)


Electrical Pollution Workshop

I will travel a moderate distance by car to present a 3 ½ hour Electrical Pollution Workshop, which covers both the causes of electrical pollution and what we can do to protect ourselves from it.

There are demonstrations using meters to show how magnetic and electric fields radiate from appliances, wiring, furniture, etcetera. You learn how to measure the level of electrical pollution present in electrical circuits, and see how special filters remove it, and how electrons flow though a person from electrical fields he or she is near, inducing current in the body and causing stress. We also consider the health effects of wireless technologies and Earth's geopathic energies.

Methods for shielding, avoiding and "cleaning up" these fields is both discussed and demonstrated, and you also take home helpful notes and instructions.


Stetzerizer Meter


$100 + S/H
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Microsurge Meter Operating Instructions

The intellectual property behind the Microsurge meter belongs to the individual who conceived and designed the meter: Professor Martin Graham. The Microsurge meter:

  • Works for 60 Hz/120 Volt North American and 50 Hz/240 A.C. Volt European systems.
  • LCD display reads the Volts per second present, which is an approximation for the high frequency energy.
  • High frequencies are the frequencies which are most harmful to equipment, animals, and humans.
  • The good, marginal, and undesirable range of meter readings are conveniently listed on the back of the Microsurge meter.

Meter Characteristics

  • 1 in. x 2.75 in. x 4.25 in.
  • Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office decor
  • Certified by the Government of Kazakhstan as the official means of measuring RF Energy on building wires
  • Simply plug into a normal electrical outlet to use

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Graham/Stetzer Microsurge electrical pollution filters

$30 + S/H

The STETZERiZER filter is based upon 100 year-old science and power engineering principles. Newly introduced is the design, which is focused on the needs of the customers in homes, offices, schools, etc. Filters have been extensively applied for decades by industrial users and the electric utility industry itself. The STETZERiZER filter is designed to filter harmonics and other high frequency current (trash) from the electrical environment, thereby reducing the potential for leakage into the human environment and creating additional trash in non-liner loads (televisions, computers, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, etc.).

Filter Characteristics

  • 2 in. x 2 in. x 4 in.
  • Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office decor
  • Fits into a normal home or office electrical plug
  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association as safe for home and office use

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Electrosmog Detector

$90 + S/H

Reveal the invisible - hear it for yourself and make your choice

In a world where fast-growing wireless technology is ever-present, the Electrosmog Detector allows you to hear the digital pulsing of microwave frequency signals. These could be from

  • Digital cordless phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Computer wireless networks
  • Bluetooth UMTS
  • Mobile phone masts and base stations
  • Baby alarms
  • Microwave technology
  • Radio/TV broadcasting towers
  • Cell phone towers

Anywhere that you spend your time - at home, in offices, schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants and when travelling detect the electrosmog 'hotspots' in your environment and protect your family

Technical specifications

  • Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 3000 MHz
    Sensitivity: 0.01 volts per metre (V/m)
    Output: Audio Loudspeaker, Audio jack socket
    Controls: On/Off Switch, Volume
  • Credentials: Patented and fully tested to
    traceable international standards.
  • Dimensions: 147 x 85mm
    Weight: 170gms (inc. 9V battery - supplied)
    Packaging: Card box dimensions:
    180 x 145 x 55mm

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