I offer the following points and ideas for your further consideration:

The belief that only ionizing (heating) radiation can harm living organisms has absolutely been proven wrong, yet persists as the basis for “official” exposure guidelines. 

Safety standards are based on exposures considered safe for the average adult male, however children are more affected by EMF than adults. The greater the cell division rate, the more chances for something to go wrong, and the growth processes themselves are affected by EMF, babies in utero being most affected. 

Electrosensitivity was recognized as a physical impairment by Sweden in 2000. About 300,000 Swedish men and women are sufferers. Swedish employees can request special computer monitors and lighting fixtures that dramatically cut down frequency emissions, and residents of some municipalities can get their home “sanitized” from electromagnetic frequencies. Stockholm plans to build a village specially designed for the electrohypersensitive. England has recently officially recognized this condition as well. 

Researchers including Havas conclude that 2-3% of a population is hypersensitive, however as much as 35 per cent of the population may be suffering from moderate ES. 

The health effects are cumulative over time. 

Both current induced into the body and current conducted into the body enter the body more easily the higher the frequency. Also, the higher the frequency of radiation, the less the body is aware of it. This is a terrible combination, allowing great damage to occur without our being aware of it at all. Yet official dogma insists that unless heat or shock are created, there is nothing to worry about.

Living organisms are sensitive electromagnetic systems running on millivolts. Vanishingly small charges far below the threshold of awareness affect them. (Exposure guidelines set by utility-supported “experts” are still based on voltage, to prevent actual shocks. Remember that the frequency of the field or current is the key factor!)

It appears that under this stress, people develop different conditions due to their own inherent weakest links, so to speak. One gets diabetes while another develops Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Birds and animals are harmfully affected by manmade frequencies. 

The particular wavelengths one is exposed to are relevant, as is the strength of the field. As these two are varied, different “windows” are created, with varying effects upon living organisms. U.S. military research shows that particular wavelengths cause different symptoms. (The military know the wave length that causes depression, the wave length that causes rage. The wavelength that incites crowds to riot….)

Each individual is a unique receiving antenna. For instance, one’s height affects which wavelengths he/she receives most easily. (Research shows ants realign the way they hold their antenna and bodies when they are exposed to EMF.) Weight and fat/water content play roles, as do metals in the body.

Time of day seems to make a difference, perhaps because different systems of the body are more active at different times.

The Earth’s field fluctuates with time of day. Sensitivity to the minute fluxes in the Earth’s natural magnetic field is the most important component of our circadian rhythms. (Levitt, ibid., 118-120)

Dr. Robert Becker believes “That humans interact so fundamentally with the earth’s magnetic fields…may be the most important biological discovery of the [20th] century.” It may also be a hidden variable in all research.

Our natural body currents are DC, not AC. AC is very damaging to living systems, inducing currents within them which DC does not.

Earth itself has a very strong field, however we evolved with that, and it is DC.

We are particularly sensitive to EMFs during sleep. The effects of spending eight hours asleep in a toxic electrical field are very serious.

If in addition such an area is on a geopathic energy line, cancer is very likely. (Before electrical service was available, research showed strong correspondence between cancer and sleeping on such lines.) 

Field-created defects are permanent and are passed on to succeeding generations, for instance the inheritance of brain-tumor tendency in children of men with high occupational exposures. (Dr. S Nordstrum, Effects of paternal EMF exposure on offspring, Bioelectromagnetics, vol. 4, pp. 91-101, 1983.) 

“There may also be frequency-specific windows for different organ systems, meaning that certain exposures may be particularly detrimental at fixed times during fetal growth.” (Levitt, ibid.)

Melatonin production in animals and humans is decreased by exposure to both low and high frequencies. Though popularly known as the hormone necessary for good sleep, melatonin has such numerous functions that health is not possible when it is insufficient. Besides regulating our internal clock, it affects gonadal hormones, moods and behavior and the immune system and exerts direct effects on the growth of cancers in the breast, prostate and colon.

Resonance occurs when an aspect of a force, such its wavelength, matches a characteristic of an object receiving the force. This allows the power inherent in the force to be maximally transferred to the object, causing it to vibrate. (The crystal goblet when the opera singer hits high C, for instance.) Within the object, the resonance is self-perpetuating! You and I are objects being thus affected. 

The skulls of children resonate particularly well with wireless communications frequencies. 

Similarly, trees resonate extremely well with microwaves, leading to deforestation, particularly in mountainous regions where the microwaves bounce off the angles of the slopes. 

Microwave exposure breaks down the blood/brain barrier. 

Exposure to certain pulsed frequencies causes calcium ion efflux, linked to myriad health problems including Alzheimer’s and cancer.

RF/MW frequencies cause DNA strand breakage. 

The dangers posed by all wireless communications frequencies is a topic unto itself. (See Links.) The “convenience” is not “to die for.”

Dr. Becker theorizes that healers can sense a disease site in a person’s body through radiating an electromagnetic field from their hands which induces EM resonance in the patient, the return signal then being felt by the healer. A resonant action occurs between the fields given off by the healer and the intrinsic electrical-control systems within the patient’s body. “While these currents have a vanishingly small flow, they would nonetheless produce local DC magnetic fields within the tissues. These fields, in combination with a frequency given off by the healer, could result in resonance with other charged particles.” As the theory rests on complex resonance, the Earth’s magnetic field must be involved. Therefore Dr. Becker reasons that healers will have greater diagnostic and healing ability during times of quiet geomagnetic field conditions and those abilities will be adversely affected by magnetic storms and locations in which man-made magnetic fields or extra low frequency (ELF) fields are present. 

There is no such thing as “stray voltage.” Dogs stray, electricity does not. “Stray voltage” is a term defined by the electric utilities as only running through and affecting animals, not humans. Therefore, “stray voltage commissions” never have to consider complaints of human injury. [Clear?]

Regarding effects of eating microwaved food, see article at http://www.mercola.com/article/microwave/hazards.htm (One interesting effect is that habitual eating of such food causes long term permanent brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain due to depolarization of the brain tissue. It can also make one more susceptible to “population control” radiations.) Becker?

Another dreadfully fascinating topic is the military use of electricity and microwaves. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons technology used in the Gulf War may be responsible for a good deal of the damage to veterans resulting in Gulf War Syndrome. The symptoms are almost exactly those of RF toxicity. The GWEN, HAARP and ELF ground wave transmissions are another silent and imperceptible exposure for Americans. “GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population.” The military has also developed high-power pulsed microwave weapons that penetrate all bodily systems. These couple with the central nervous system and are “promptly debilitating.”

Strong economical interests have clearly been given priority over human health. Many governments, and even agencies that supposedly exist to protect human health, are clearly on the side of the polluting industries. Even the lax existing codes and regulations are not enforced, and industry often succeeds in having them relaxed ever further. If we are to be protected, we must educate ourselves and take protective measures on our own. 

After you have discovered what electrical pollution has been doing to you and those you care for, and begun remediation, please go on to educate others and become an activist. There is not an industry in this country with more political clout than the electric utilities. They will change their ways only when forced to. We must bring that force to bear.


Original copyright 2003

Updated 11/2005

Shivani Arjuna