So why not address it? Excellent question. The answer is “political.”

The Public Service Commission of each state is supposed to oversee the utilities and look out for the well being of consumers. But the PSCs seem to be serving the utilities, not the public.

When we requested a power quality test, the utility company ran a test that was designed not to look at the variants in power quality. This is like going out at noon with a blindfold on, then coming in and saying that you looked all over but didn’t see the Sun, so it is not there today. An independent test of the power quality at our home, covering the same several days as the utility test, showed variants that were 11,000% beyond what is allowable by state code question, yet the PSC and the utility said it was fine. WHY are they doing all this? Why won’t the utilities just update their transmission system? Why won’t the PSC force the utilities to follow national code?

The E.P.R.I. document summing up their five wire system recommendation to the electric utilities is “available to the public,” but costs $25,000 a copy, to ensure that you and I never read it. (That is not a misprint. It will cost you $25,000 to read that booklet. EPRI is generally a pro-industry group, which includes almost 1,000 energy producers as members. As of 2001, 27 of its 30-member Board of Directors represented utility companies.) My electrical mentor Dave read this booklet, though, so as the expert witness for the State of Michigan, when Michigan recently sued a large utility for running current on the ground, he had subpoenaed the speech that one of the authors of that document made to a national meeting of the electrical utilities shortly after helping write the document. This man, the chief electrical engineer of WI Electric, on the team that wrote the document advising that all USA utilities go to the five wire system, did not pass along that advisement to the utility representatives he addressed. Instead, he said “Stall as long as possible. Prepare for litigation.” Individuals who try to fight this setup by educating and helping others are threatened. Mysterious things happen to them, their jobs and finances. Newspapers that dare to publish elucidating articles are purchased by the utility companies. Investigative journalists are fired. Lawyers about to represent clients suffering from electrical pollution suddenly drop the cases and go to work for the electric company.

A gigantic cover up is clearly in place. Why are they doing this? For the same reason that the tobacco industry maintained a cover up for so long, because there is going to be hell to pay when the public finds out what electrical pollution has done to them.

Toxic electricity is a chronic, severe stress affecting virtually everyone, which only increases as the pollution proliferates. It is difficult for us to determine just what it might be doing to us, because for most of us it is always there. Individuals who have cleaned up their immediate environments, however, are now reporting dramatic improvement in a wide range of conditions and symptoms, usually of conditions that they had never thought of as related to electrical pollution. If you want to know what it is doing to you, you need bring the level of it down enough to find out. (See Remediation)