$18,000 worth of medical tests, including an electrocardiogram and a MRI of my brain, found nothing to account for these and other bizarre symptoms. Bewildered doctors finally pronounced that I was just having “panic attacks.” They prescribed beta blockers, which block normal stimulation of many bodily systems including the heart, but these rendered me so zombielike that I refused them. Insomnia increased to the point where I was sleeping, in broken bits, from 3-5 hours a night. I felt as if I was made out of paper. Just breathing and walking felt taxing. My anxiety level was extreme, my adrenals were exhausted and my thyroid needed help from hormone replacement. Already slender, I became a shadow. My husband had to care for me, and I wasn’t sure I was going to survive.

I had previously read a bit about EMF, and it occurred to me to try some experiments, such as sleeping in different places in the house. (Our bedroom later proved to be an extremely toxic electrical environment.) I noticed immediate symptoms if I went near a TV, a telephone, a car fan, the water pipes in our house…. Later I would discover I had become “electrically sensitive,” a sort of walking EMF meter, affected by dimmer switches, electric heating systems, computers in banks and post offices, the chair at the dentist’s office.

At least now I had a clue. I was very fortunate to be put in touch with Dave Stetzer, a power quality engineer deeply committed to making known both the facts about electrical pollution and the cover up involved. Dave generously spent a lot of time on the phone teaching me about power quality and what I needed to do to clean up my immediate environment and save my life. We did experiments and took readings with a variety of meters, indoors and out. (Particularly elucidating is one that has electrodes you tape on yourself, that goes ZZZZ! when you touch things that put current through you, such as the metal parts of our stove and refrigerator, some cabinets, the shower drain and bathroom water faucets, and the water itself!).

We removed a number of phone lines, moved water pipes and made the first few feet of incoming water pipe nonconductive (Some RF still jumps onto the pipes from house wiring.). We gutted old electric baseboards that though disconnected were broadcasting RF over large areas including our bedroom, and got all metal out of and away from the bed. We installed RF filters (See Remediation.) removed dimmer switches and fluorescent lights, sold the aquarium, got me a speaker phone and a laptop computer I use on battery only.

With each of these steps results were immediate and dramatic. The cardiac symptoms ceased altogether, I was able to sleep, and my anxiety level dropped. My recovery has been steady and I am much better. Only, however, to the extent to which I am able to avoid RF. I was exposed to extreme levels of electrical pollution for many months, and remain electrically sensitive to date, with quite-circumscribed activities. Even at home, RF is not totally unavoidable when the power is on, due to the fact that it accesses water pipes before the first point that filters can be installed. I am markedly better on days spent away from the house in areas free of ground current, and in warm weather when the main can be off at night or I can sleep away from the house.