It is possible to flick a switch on an oscilloscope that takes the regular “clean” 60 cycle out of the picture.

Theoretically, when you plug into your household current and do this, you should now see nothing on the screen. No wave form. But you will. You will see, depending on how polluted your power is, ugly jagged lines that jerk up and down and very likely pretty much fill the entire window. This is electrical pollution, radio frequencies (RF) that are extremely harmful to sensitive electronics and living beings. Industry and large corporations spend billions to protect their electronic equipment from this, but nobody is looking out for humans. To the contrary, we are assured by the utilities and the agencies that supposedly regulate them, who know it is not true, that there is not a thing to be concerned about.

Perhaps you have heard of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and that it is good to avoid them. You may have read that strong EMFs are created by your refrigerator, hair dryer, etcetera. This is true, but what is not commonly known even by those who write on this subject, is that the RF accompanying our incoming power from the utility is the real culprit. Therefore, the electronics in your house are really a very small part of the picture. Your electricity is already extremely polluted when it enters your home, from everybody “upstream,” and it is mainly this RF pollution that is really affecting you. If you are hooked up to electrical service, high frequency “toxins” can flow through your house, through you, 24 hours. a day whether or not you yourself have anything in the house turned on.

In fact, even if you turn off your power main, RFs can make their way into your home via your water pipes and phone lines. From there, they move through and on the linear metal items in your house, such as electrical wiring, telephone wiring, water pipes, metal ductwork, etcetera. High-frequency currents are subject to what is called the “skin effect,” indicating that they tend to flow to the outside of wiring and off, flowing over the surface of objects, including those does not usually think of as conductive, such as woodwork and furniture. I have found high-frequency electrical fields on rattan porch furniture, and glass windows.

If our water faucet spit out our neighbor’s feces and toilet paper when we turned it on, we’d be outraged. But this intangible polluted electricity is causing us as much harm as that would. Symptoms of RF sickness include a wide range of neurological, cardiac, respiratory, ophthalmologic, dermatological and other conditions ranging in severity from headaches, fatigue and ADD to pneumonia, psychosis and strokes. (See “Symptoms of radio wave sickness” page.) Childhood leukemia, a good indicator, is markedly higher in areas with electrical pollution from ground current. (N. Wertheimer, D. Savitz &E. Leeper Childhood cancer in relation to indicators of magnetic fields from ground current sources, Bioelectromagnetics, Vol. 16, pp. 86-96, 1995. A revisit to the Denver homes where Wertheimer et al studied childhood leukemia has revealed that cancer deaths were four times more likely among victims who lived in homes with high levels of 180Hz current or the 3rd , 5th and 7th harmonics than among controls. . Kaune, W. T., et al. 2002. A Study of High- and Low- Current-Configuration Homes From the 1988 Denver Childhood Cancer Study. Bioelectromagnetics 23:177-188.)

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