EP|What is it doing to you and yours?

Electrical pollution is a major cause of health problems in the modern world.

Electrical pollution, invisible, silent, odorless, tasteless, is the perfect pollutant, as we have not evolved any methods of sensing its presence. A few people, like me, have become “electrically sensitive” and are able to know when we are being exposed due to the symptoms that we experience. Most people, even when exposed to levels and wave lengths that are literally killing them, never notice a thing.

Although a growing number of people are apprehensive about living near a cell tower, very few people are yet aware we are being affected by health-damaging high frequencies broadcast from the wiring of our own homes. Not all of us are exposed to wireless sources, but virtually everyone in electrified countries is exposed 24/7 in our homes, schools and workplaces to electrical frequencies that are damaging our health. (Dr. Neil Cherry, Evidence That Electromagnetic Radiation Is Genotoxic: the implications for the epidemiology of cancer and cardiac, neurological and reproductive effects. His presentation to New Zealand Parliament in May 2000, European Parliament in June, 2000. See Resources links.)

Combine this with the fact that the electric utility companies have chosen the path of cover up rather than remediation, and are supported in this by their state Public Service Commissions, and you begin to get an inkling of the situation. As one PSC official was heard to say in private conversation, “This will make the tobacco industry cover up look like a gnat on a cow’s ass.”

Let’s start at the beginning. What is electrical pollution and what causes it? If you look at the waveform of “clean” 60 cycle electricity on an oscilloscope, you see a normal sine wave. An ongoing series of gentle, very symmetrical wave forms: a hill, a valley, a hill, a valley… appear on the screen. We pay for and assume we are getting this clean 60 cycle electricity delivered to our homes, workplaces, schools, etcetera. However, electronic gizmos such as computers that use direct current dump high frequency harmonics back into the circuits when they convert the AC to DC. Also, several very common things such as fluorescent lights, dimmer switches and variable speed motors distort the 60 Hz wave and create high frequency currents. As this occurs in homes, offices, factories, schools, etcetera, along the way, the power gets more and more polluted as it goes along. (Each piece of electrical equipment that uses electricity non-linearly in this fashion should have its own filter built into it at the factory. Europe has much higher standards in this regard than we. American computer manufactures have to put an inexpensive RF (radio frequency) filter in the computers they export to Europe.)

In “the old days” before electronics, electrical power was polluted at the source, by brushes in the generators. A monumental epidemiological study using childhood leukemia as a marker found an absolutely correlating increase in this disease in areas of the USA, Africa and Europe as they sequentially became electrified. (Samuel Milham &E.M. Ossiander, Historical evidence that residential electrification caused the emergence of childhood leukemia peak, Medical Hypotheses, vol. 56, #3, 2001, pp. 290-295) Generators now produce clean power but modern pollution levels are much higher due to electronics.

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