On the health effects of manmade electromagnetic frequencies

Cordless Phones

A significant danger to health due to pulsed electromagnetic radiation

Cordless phones have for some reason been misperceived by the public as safer than cell phones, though in fact the frequencies used by new cordless phones are in the same microwave range used by cell phones. They have a number of features that makes them particularly dangerous, as explained in an article by Alasdair Phillips.

” Unlike the ‘intelligent’ mobile phone system in which the base station directs the handset to turn down its output to the lowest adequate level once the link is established the DECT phone does NOT .

[In England, cordless phones are called DECT phones. DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technologies -Shivani]

The cordless phone and additional handsets will dominate the microwave field levels inside a house, probably the entire house, and through walls to and from the neighbors.

[Recently a woman told me that her family’s cordless phone worked several miles from the base left at home. —Shivani]

The base-unit of a DECT phone emits pulses of microwaves 24 hours a day as long as it is plugged in. In use or not emissions within a metre from a base unit can be as high as 6 volts per metre. In a survey ‘Powerwatch’ have recorded levels as high as 3 volts per metre in a BEDROOM immediately above a sitting room with a DECT phone unit on a desk .

[U.S. cordless phones do not share all the characteristics of UK phones. For instance, some broadcast continually while others only broadcast when being used. – Shivani]

During use DECT phones emit low frequency magnetic field pulses into the side of the user’s head. These are typically up to 0.5 microtesla in strength, childhood leukaemia has repeatedly been associated with low frequency magnetic field levels over 0.2 microtesla.

Investigations (by Dr. Hardell & Professor Mild 2003) of thousands of cases of brain tumours and mobile phones of all types has found up to a 50% increased risk of a brain tumour after five years which doubles after ten years. ….Base units and handsets should certainly be kept away from where you sleep and where you may spend hours relaxing in a favourite seat. This includes base units on the other side of a wall….

….There are a hundred bursts of 250 milliwatts of microwave radiation next to the users head every second.

….The regular pulsing disrupts our brain’s intercellular signaling. In rats it is known the frequencies of these phones can interfere with the workings of the blood/brain barrier allowing toxins into the brain itself forming tumours.”

Research sponsored by the Department of Health at Bristol Royal Infirmary in western England showed portable telephones may alter memory and interfere with concentration and spatial awareness.

Is the convenience of a cordless phone or wireless baby monitor that broadcasts microwaves through your home 24/7 “to die for?”

Proximity to communications towers

The health effects of living near wireless communications towers.

“A study done in France by Santini showed significant associations between symptoms fitting to the microwave sickness and the distance to mobile phone base stations [11]. It should be noted that the health related symptoms were most frequently reported at a distance of 50 – 100 m, which fits perfectly to the area with the highest microwave exposure in urban areas, where the main beam of the antennas usually hits the first houses. The second study done in Austria showed significant positive associations between the frequency selective measured electric field (GSM 900/1800) in the bedroom and cardiovascular symptoms…. In 1987…. in Hawaii…. Drs. Anderson and Henderson of the Hawaii Department of Health found in residential areas with 12 communication towers, a relative risk for cancer, including leukaemia, of 1.375 (37.5% increase.” (“The Microwave Syndrome: Further Aspects of a Spanish Study”, by Gerd OBERFELD et al. 1 May 2004.)

[Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, has a similar “antenna farm.” Also a “mysteriously high” breast cancer rate. —Shivani]

A study of cancers around the BBC Sutton Coldfield transmitter mast (Dolk, et al, 1997) found a statistically significant doubling of adult leukaemia within 2 km radius.

The Naila Study, Germany (November 2004) – This study, conducted over 10 years was released by The Federal Agency for Radiation Protection, Germany. Medical doctors compiled case histories since 1994 – 2004, looking at heightened risk of taking ill with malignant tumours. They discovered a threefold increase after five years exposure to microwave radiation from a mobile phone mast transmitter for up to 400 metres distance, compared to those patients living further away. [“If the city-wide WiFi system being planned for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, is erected, aWiFi broadcaster 20 feet from a Milwaukee home will be the equivalent of a microwave tower 600 feet away, roughly 200 meters.” — Arthur Firstenburg]

A study carried out by Ronni Wolf MD and Danny Wolf MD, Kaplan Medical Centre, Israel (April 2004) discovered a fourfold increase in cancer within 350 metres after long-term exposure to microwave radiation from a mobile phone mast and a tenfold increase specifically among women, compared to patients living away from the mast.

In 1980, Dr. John Holt had a letter published. This showed that between 1951-59, 50% of patients with CML in Queensland survived for 55 months following diagnosis. In 1960 and 1961 three large TV broadcast stations were commissioned in the area. In the period 1963-67, 50% of patients with CML only survived for 21 months. This dramatic change could not be explained by any medical personnel, protocol or therapy changes.

“Bamberg, Germany 26-April, 2005

Dr. C Waldmann-Selsam, Dr. U. Säeger, Bamberg , Oberfranken evaluated the medical complaints of 356 people who have had long-term [radiation] exposure in their homes from pulsed high frequency magnetic fields (from mobile phone base stations, from cordless telephones, amongst others).

People suffer from one, several or many of the following symptoms: Sleep disturbances, tiredness, disturbance in concentration, forgetfulness, problem with finding words, depressive mood, ear noises, sudden loss of hearing, hearing loss, giddiness, nose bleeds, visual disturbances, frequent infections, sinusitis, joint and limb pains, nerve and soft tissue pains, feeling of numbness, heart rhythm disturbances, increased blood pressure episodes, hormonal disturbances, night-time sweats, nausea. Dr. John Walker’s research clearly shows the clusters of illness appear in radiation at exposures of around 1.5v/m, which is below the guidelines significantly permitting around 40 to 50 v/m (varying according to microwave frequency).” (“Mobile Phone And Mast Radiation – How Dangerous Are These,” Eileen O’Connor for EM Radiation Trust, Oct. 1, 2005)

Politics in Research

How industry influences the research/researchers of electromagnetic radiation

The following are examples ….

Express Newspapers 24 May, 1999

“Two of the world’s leading radiation experts told The Express that multinational companies tried to influence the results of their research. Professor Ross Adey, a biologist, had his funding withdrawn by Motorola before completing research which showed that mobiles affected the number of brain tumours in animals. Dr. Henry Lai, who has been studying the biological effects of electromagnetic fields for 20 years, was asked three times to change findings on how they caused DNA breaks in rats.

….Prof Adey, of the University of California, a former senior NASA adviser, was paid by Motorola to carry out a series of animal experiments between 1993 and 1996. “The animal experiments were conducted very strictly and in the case of digital phones we found an effect on the number of brain tumours in rats,” he said. “It became clear that Motorola preferred we found nothing.

During our funding there was constant discussion about the wording of abstracts and papers. Funding was suddenly withdrawn in November last year. In recent months, while we were trying to finish writing up the experiments, we have not been paid.

Basically the industry is not really interested in diligent pursuit of scientific evidence which should be available to the public. All they want is research that supports their claims.”

“Control of the research programmes has passed to managers and lawyers. This is exactly what happened in the tobacco industry.” Dr. Lai, of the University of Washington, Seattle, described the industry’s interference as “unpleasant and intolerable”.

The Express also reported on October 16, 1999 that a scientist who was paid millions by mobile phone companies to investigate health risks has bitterly criticized them for failing to act on his findings.

Dr. George Carlo found that the rate of death from brain cancer is higher among mobile phone users and the risk of contracting a rare tumour on the outside of the brain is more than double. ….His research body was handpicked by the industry was given £15 million to carry out a six-year study into the health effects of mobile phones.

In an astonishing attack on the industry for which he once acted as a spokesman, he accused firms of not taking safety seriously. “The companies are now spending millions trying to discredit me because, basically, they didn’t like what I told them”, he revealed to The Express.

Dr. Carlo said: “Following my presentation I heard by voice vote of those present, a pledge to do the right thing in following up these findings. But since I presented my findings, which they found surprising, they have failed to do anything. In that time there have been another 15 million users in the States and thousands more in Britain. From a consumer point of view the delaying tactic is not good but from a business point of view its great”. Alasdair Phillips, of the consumer group Powerwatch, said: “To have someone like him, who has even acted as a spokesman for the industry, come out and say this is quite amazing. There is a definite link between mobiles and brain cancer which the companies can’t continue to ignore”.

Re. Workshop Consensus Statement HSP-Helsinki 2004

Dear Dr. Haberlund,

I have read the so-called revised version of the Helsinki meeting on hsp70 on the COST website (a highly inappropriate site for this report, by the way). Before this meeting I knew that any research that indicated that hsp70 was NOT only induced by heat, would be an exercise in futility. The safety standards for cell phone use are firmly in the hands of the cell phone industry. And, apparently, that is where they will stay at least until there is a cancer epidemic in a country like Israel where everyone, including small children, are connected to each other by cell phones because of the volatile and dangerous environment there daily.

We have measurements on SAR at the Drosophila level. We have detailed engineering measurements made while phone was on and off. We have controls and resent the statement in the summary report that we do not. These and other relevant details are contained in our paper (Weisbrot et al, 2003 J Cellular Biochem*) and should be read by any honest scientist. Furthermore, the reported measurements were peer reviewed. The reporter for BEMS Newsletter distorted the reports given at this Helsinki meeting and I have so informed them. It contradicts the Mays Swicord and BEMS reporter version (the latter, incidentally, was the only reporter allowed into the meetings).

As in so many instances in the past, the cell phone industry goes out of its way to discredit any scientific data that is contrary to their agenda.

Sincerely yours,

Reba Goodman
Department of Pathology
Columbia University
New York, NY

*Effects of mobile phone radiation on reproduction and development in drosophila melanogaster

[Similar incidents continue to occur. Honest research and researchers have suffered suppression, and worse, from the get go. For historic perspective: Paul Brodeur’s The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk and the Coverup (1977) is a classic. Newer (1989) his Currents of Death: Power Lines, Computer Terminals, and the Attempt to Cover Up Their Threat to Your Health and The Great Powerline Coverup. Also, The Electric Wilderness by Andrew Marino and Joel Ray. Health dangers, tactics used by utilities.

To read about what happened when seven different researchers each demonstrated that low-level magnetic fields neutralize the ability of tamoxifen to inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells, see “When Enough Is Never Enough”. — Shivani]

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