on the health effects of manmade electromagnetic frequencies

A international scientific workshop on possible biological and health effects of RF electromagnetic fields, attended by international scientists, was held in Vienna in 1998.

The following are excerpts from Dr. Neil Cherry’s remarks about the conference, from an interview with Dorothy Hunt, M.A. F.T.C.L. titled “Cellphones – A Boon To Modern Society Or A Threat To Human Health?” which can be read at http://www.nzine.co.nz/features/neilcherry3.html/

Calcium ion efflux Caused by electromagnetic radiation, and its biological effects

“Dr. Blackman has conducted far more experiments in his laboratory on this influx/efflux than anyone else. They have shown that calcium ion alteration occurs at particular carrier frequencies, particular signal strengths, particular modulation frequencies and in particular temperature ranges, but not in others which lie between them.”

After summarizing these hundreds of experiments Carl Blackman stated that EMR must be treated as chemicals (plural) because we have made the mistake of treating it as a single chemical looking for single effects across the whole spectrum, when it is clear that the effects are very significant and occur at particular combinations of variables, but do not occur at a nearby different combination.

He finished by stating that it is very well established that there is a biological effect called calcium ion efflux and influx that can be caused by EMR at levels that are not involving heating but involving a frequency which has nothing to do with the energy levels. This is therefore a true biological effect, not a consequence of heat but produced by particular combinations of EMR and thus is a separate biological change.”

According to Dr Blackman’s data on calcium ion changes . damage appears to depend on a particular choice of the nature of the signal in the carrier frequency, the modulation characteristic, and the intensity of the signal.

Many researchers in the military and industrial laboratories take the attitude that if there is going to be an effect then it must be visible when high levels of energy are really pumped in. The science says that with EMR it is not necessarily an effect that occurs at a higher level and a higher energy.

Calcium ion influx/efflux is a mechanism for brain change which affects behaviour and reaction times in people and is therefore indicative of a human health effect.

Calcium ions in cells play a role in the growth and development of cells in DNA synthesis and in the life and death of cells. Therefore calcium ion alteration of cells by EMR is a biological mechanism linking to neurological degeneration such as Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases of age, to cancer and many other health effects. The scary aspect of this is that calcium ion efflux occurs at intensities and field strengths that are extremely low.

The heart is also an electromagnetic organ with an electric pulse initiating a cascade of calcium ions that cause the cells in the heart to contract and produce a heart beat every second or so throughout our lives. This is monitored by the electrocardiogram (ECG).

Melatonin reduction Caused by electromagnetic radiation, and its biological effects

There are well established theoretical and observationally confirmed mechanisms for external ELF signals to be resonantly absorbed in human tissue, especially the brain and heart, and cause reduced melatonin. Melatonin is the most potent naturally produced antioxidant that helps to protect cells from genetic damage that leads to cancer, neurological, cardiac and reproductive damage, illness and death.

Melatonin levels also affect the health of the immune system that also has a vital role in trying to maintain health. Since a damaged cell should be eliminated by programmed cell death, apoptosis, or by natural killer cells in the immune system, altered calcium ions negatively affect both of these processes. Calcium ion influx inhibits apoptosis and calcium ion efflux enhances apoptosis, Fanelli et al. (1999).

Substances that reduce melatonin are genotoxic because of the reduced antioxidant effect allowing free radials to cause more genetic damage. Direct evidence of genotoxicity comes from observed chromosome aberrations (CAs) and DNA strand breakage assays.

The very young and the very old have very low levels of melatonin. Melatonin production is very low at birth, peaks in early childhood and declines from puberty onwards.

A life-time of cumulative exposures to toxins and the reduced immune system, reduced sleep and reduced melatonin all lead to increased cancer risk, especially for those over 50 years of age, Milham and Ossiander state that worldwide occurrence of a peak of childhood leukaemia follows the introduction of electrification.

75% of childhood cALL and 60 % of all childhood leukaemia may be preventable.”

The historical rise in childhood leukaemia is paralleled by the same exponential rises in adult leukaemia in all developed countries. Reduced melatonin from 50/60 Hz EMF exposure is the core biological mechanism.

Childhood cancer rates are typically highest in the 0-4 yrs age group . The mother’s melatonin passes through the placenta to the fetus in her womb regulating the daily cycle of the fetus and protecting the fetus from oxidative free radical damage. Reducing mother’s nocturnal melatonin will increase the risk of fetal genetic and immune system damage.

Cancer develops in three main stages, initiation, promotion and progression, Weinstein (1988). Cancer development usually takes decades. In very young children the cancer development rate is much faster because their cell cycle is much quicker, their immune system is undeveloped and their melatonin production is very low. Cancer can be initiated in the fetus in utero. This is likely to be the case for early childhood ALL and AML. The promotion phase can commence in utero and continue after birth if the exposure to the toxic agent continues. For EMF it does. The rapid cancer development produces some leukaemia case in the 1 st year of life, with the rate continuing to rise to peak in years 3 to 4.

Milham and Ossiander link the early childhood cALL peak to electromagnetic fields of less than 1 mG in homes.

The simplest approach to cancer prevention is to avoid exposure to causative agents,

The present strongest block is the attitude of authorities that continue to deny the existence of the strong causative relationship between EMF and childhood and adult cancer so that preventative measures that are available are not applied. Hence the avoidable illness and death, that has grown and continued for over 90 years, continues to damage and kill innocent and valuable people.

There are over 70 studies showing that EMR across the spectrum increases the incidence of brain tumour ,

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Scientists at the Cancer Therapy and Research Centre in San Antonio discovered that human cancer cells exposed to 60 Hz fields (the frequency of a high-voltage line) grew as much as 24 times as fast as unexposed cells and showed “greatly increased resistance to destruction by the cells of the body’s defense system.”

[Do you know any cancer patient who has ever been told this? Or of a breast cancer sufferer who has been told that EMFs stop Tamoxifen from working, as seven studies have demonstrated? —Shivani]

There is evidence that breast cancer tumors absorb significantly more EMR than other cancers, or healthy tissue. To quote from one study, conducted at Duke University, North Carolina, USA, in 1993:

“In general, at all frequencies tested [50 to 900 MHz], both conductivity and relative permittivity were greater in malignant tissue than in normal tissue of the same type. For tissues of the same type, the differences in electrical properties from normal to malignant were least for kidney (about 6% and 4% average differences over the frequency range in permittivity and conductivity, respectively), and these differences were the greatest for mammary gland (about 233% and 577% average differences in permittivity and conductivity, respectively).

The ability of breast cancer tumors to absorb significantly more EMR than normal tissue should be of concern.”

[Note that under-wire bras, dental appliances, glasses frames, or any other metal in or worn on the body, serves as a “slave antenna” to broadcast radiation into the body when one uses a wireless or cell phone, or is exposed to a wireless signal. —Shivani]

“In England, intensities of electric fields were significantly higher, 13.6 V/m in the bed places of children diagnosed with leukemia, than for controls 7.26 V/m, with chronic night time exposure above 20 V/m giving a five fold increased risk of leukemia.” Coghill, Roger. 1996. “A Case-Control Study of Electric and Magnetic Fields in the Bedplace of Children Diagnosed with Leukaemia”. England, Biophysics 41:806-816 (1996) and the European Journal of Cancer Prevention 5:3-10 (1996) .

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