Health-damaging ELF frequencies we are exposed to due to the inappropriate design of the 50/60 Hz electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Low frequency electromagnetic fields, whose frequencies, harmonics and sub-harmonics coincide with the range of frequencies used by our brains, hearts and cells. Subtly and at extremely low intensities, they strongly interact, through resonant absorption, with primary functions of our bodies with significant elevations in depression, sickness and death. (Dr. Neil Cherry. See full text at: http://www.esdjournal.com /techpapr/elfhealth.pdf

[“When these health-damaging frequencies ride on the “clean” 50/60 Hz current of our electric utility transmission systems, they are known as “electrical pollution.” After entering our buildings via wiring, water and gas pipes and phone lines, they broadcast from these filling our living spaces with frequencies that damage our health.

Body impedance of electrical current decreases and current passing through the body increases as frequency increases . We have good resistance to 50/60 Hz but less as the frequency increases. Above 1.7 KHz, all the energy dissipates internally into the human body.

Harmonics are multiples of 60 Hz frequency caused by electronics such as dimmer switches and transformers that chop up the sine wave. Our 50-year-old electrical transmission system was not designed to handle high frequencies, which are unable to return to the substation immediately from the point where they are created, due to the inadequacy of the present wiring. Instead, the harmful frequencies are passed along from customer to customer and also spilled onto the ground, like pressurized waste from a stressed sewer system. The system is grounded from end to end to facilitate this. In many areas of the US, 70% of current returns to substation on the ground, like a toxic chemical flowing over your private property. Livestock, which often stand on damp, very conductive, ground, are often severely damaged.

When I was on Wisconsin Public Radio recently, a Iowa veterinarian called in to report that since a new substation was constructed near a particular farm, there has been great trouble with the pigs there, which are apparently being literally cooked by the high frequencies in the ground currents that are concentrated in areas where they return to substations. He reported that one sow had a temperature of 114 just before she died. The liver of an animal that dies in this way appears upon examination to have been cooked just as you would cook liver in a microwave oven.”

For more information regarding electrical pollution, see also my article, “Electrical Pollution: What is it Doing to You and Yours?” and “Dirty Electricity & Electrical Hypersensitivity: Five Case Studies”, by Magda Havas and David Stetzer. —Shivani]

From GROUND CURRENTS: An important factor in electromagnetic exposure

By Duane A. Dahlberg, Ph.D.

“Today the earth has a higher conductivity than the utility’s neutral circuit return wires, and therefore, carries the majority of neutral current returning to the substation (Gonen 1986; Morrison 1963, Hendrickson,Michaud, Bierbaum 1995).

Substantial grounding grids are buried in the earth below substations. Electric currents in the ground that emanate from the grounding of the neutrals of the distribution lines and other sources converge on these grounding grids. Consequently greater ground currents are present near substations and in structures in their immediate vicinity. Ground currents also have a greater probability of being present in direct paths between large users of electricity and between these users and the substation.

In the case of 60 Hz electrical power, storage is not feasible. If the demand for electrical energy falls below the output of power plants, it may be necessary to shunt some electric current into the earth until the output is adjusted to match the demand. Current that is shunted into the earth adds to the ground current.

The grounding practice in the utility industry forces all living organisms to be continuously in physical contact with the electrical distribution system. The extensive grounding of the neutral in the distribution system also forces electrical currents to be present to a greater or lesser degree in all materials making up the environment of living organisms. Of course the living organisms, since they are themselves conductors of electricity and in contact with materials carrying electric currents, are basically plugged into the electrical circuitry of the distribution system.

Worldwide research and investigations of both animal and human health problems in dairy barns have demonstrated that small continuous currents (as low as a fraction of a microamp) can affect well being.”

[end Dahlberg quote]

The effect of grounding the electric distribution system to the earth is a national electric distribution system in which 65 to 75% of the current returns to the substations through the earth rather than through the wires. (Hendrickson 1995, Gonen 1986, Morrison 1963.)

The scientific research and advising body of the American electric utilities is EPRI, The Electrical Power and Research Institute. An EPRI study by Kavet, et. al, printed in Bioelectromagnetics 21:538-553 (2000), found that the contact current caused by the present system is very likely a cause of childhood leukemia. Contact current of as little as 18 microamps is implicated. Many of us are exposed to 30 times that much every time we touch our kitchen counters or other items in our homes.

Kavet’s paper brings together ground currents and 60 Hz magnetic fields as co-contributors to leukemia in children. It is not surprising to draw this conclusion, since both magnetic fields and contact currents resulting from ground currents increase electric current in the body.


By Duane A. Dahlberg, Ph.D.

“In electrical exposure, electric currents traverse the body of living organisms in direct proportion to the electric potential and the varied conductivity of the body. These currents in the body set up magnetic fields. If electric charge increases at a given point in the body, a localized electric field is produced. ….If one wishes to study chronic effects, however, it is necessary to know where the current is going in the living organism and how it interacts with each part of the organism. Living organisms are complex organic systems with ionic components. Resistance of organic systems is a complex function of many variables. Consequently a more general form of the Ohm’s law is required. This form states that the current density in an object is equal to the conductivity times the electric field (J=sE). Conductivity, which is the reciprocal of resistivity, is obviously not a constant for organic and semi-conducting materials. In fact conductivity can be a tensor when electrical conductivity has different values for current traveling in different directions in a material. In the case of animal tissue, resistivity is dependent on the direction of current flow, the direction of the applied electric field, the magnitude of current density, and frequency. Some body materials have diode characteristics, and are able to rectify AC. Other parts may be piezoelectric and generate electric currents when stressed. In addition there are orders of magnitude differences in conductivity of different parts of the body. Fluids, in general, have higher conductivity and fibrous materials have lower conductivity.

When electrical potential are applied between two points on the body of an animal, the fraction of the current in each part of the body is directly related to the electrical conductivity of that part. It is possible to determine what portion of the current is in the nerve fibers or the vascular system, for example, but only if the relative conductivity of the entire body can be mapped. Since many molecular structures in the body are polar in nature, capacitance can vary throughout the body. These many molecular structures also have different magnetic properties that can, therefore, have a different inductance. Predicting how current from an applied AC potential will vary from one part of the body to another requires knowledge of both capacitive and inductive reactance as well as conductivity. These complexities support the need to take a more general approach in the investigation of cause and effect from electrical exposure.

In a number of the laboratory research projects individual cows showed a significant decrease in milk production and other negative effects. There were also large variations among cows. The fact that cows responded differently suggests that there can be significant individual differences in observed effects from the same electrical exposure. This is consistent with the natural differences that occur in living organisms.

….Because of the complexities of any research involving environmental agents, and because of the power of vested interests in any technological development, the challenges to scientific research on the negative effects of electrical exposure are almost overwhelming.”

(end Dahlberg quotes)

[In a $25,000-a-copy official Handbook EPRI advises the electric utilities to do remediation of their systems that would prevent electrical pollution, but the actual advice given by one of the authors, who addressed a gathering of national utility representatives shortly after helping write the Handbook, was “Stall as long as possible. Prepare for litigation.” (As recorded in a PowerPoint presentation.)

IEEE standard 519-92 of 1980 states utilities are responsible for high frequencies and harmonics on their lines. This is an international standard accepted by the USA. It is not enforced.

Rule 92-D of The National Safety Code accepted by the US, Canada and Mexico prohibits objectionable flow of current over the grounding conductor. However, Wisconsin PSC allowed electric utilities to ground all transmission and distribution poles in the ‘90s, in order to use the ground to return the current to the substations, rather than asking them to update their wiring to be able to properly return current to the substations via the wiring. As more and more current is added to the ground, the Wisconsin PSC raises the amount of voltage allowed on the ground. (Ground here meaning terra firma.)

There is no such thing as “stray voltage.” Dogs stray. Electricity does not. “Stray voltage” is an absurd term concocted by the electric utilities & Public Service Commissions which they define as only running through and affecting animals, not humans. Therefore, “stray voltage commissions” never have to consider complaints of human injury. Also, “stray voltage” is defined as being steady state, meaning just 60 Hz, whereas today’s current contains many frequencies. Therefore,”stray voltage” cases cannot be won by farmers, because what is damaging their cows does not fit the definition of “stray voltage.” In fact, most of the damage is not due to electrical shock, but caused by the high frequencies. — Shivani]

Reported in Shocking News October 26, 2004:

[Indication that it was specifically the high frequencies that created leukemia in the famous Wertheimer study of 1979: -Shivani]

“Electrical engineers and epidemiologists re-examined the EMF-cancer hypothesis by measuring the current (amperes) at the utility neutral-to-ground wire at the transformer or pole near the homes, the amperage on water lines serving the homes, and the intensity of magnetic fields in the living areas most occupied by victims who had lived in the homes. BTD sampled 81 of the 579 cases (cancer) and control residences that were coded by Wertheimer and Leeper in 1979 [20] and by Savitz et al. in 1988 [In ref. 11]. In this study 60 Hz, 180 Hz, and harmonic magnetic fields are associated with wire codes, but only 180 Hz and harmonic magnetic fields are associated with case/control status; case being a cancer victim lived at the residence.

The odds ratio (OR) combined across strata (HCC, LCC) for the 180 Hz and the sum of 3rd , 5th , and 7th harmonic fields were 4.0 and 4.3 respectively. Both were significantly elevated above the null value of 1 ( P = 0.0061) for either field components. The odds ratios indicate cancer deaths were four times more likely among victims who lived in homes with high levels of 180Hz current or the 3rd , 5th and 7th harmonics than among controls with similar socioeconomic backgrounds. The conclusions reached 25 years earlier [20] were validated, but an improved measurement instrument with coil censor signal analyzer (HP Model 3561A) implicated harmonic currents which earlier test meters did not detect.

[180 Hz is a 3rd harmonic frequency that becomes an additive on 3-phase wiring. This means that once on the wiring it keeps adding its higher harmonics, up and up into higher frequencies. — Shivani]

Why Ground Currents

By Duane A. Dahlberg, Ph.D.

E. Stanton Maxey, M.D., through a Freedom of Information action, received the raw data from a National Cancer Institute study (Linet, et.al. 1997) in November 2000. With the help of mathematicians he reanalyzed the data and has concluded that the NCI raw data reveals approximately a 3,000,000,000,000 to one probability that elevated 60 Hz magnetic fields are in some manner causal to childhood ALL.

John Douglas published a 1993 article in the EPRI Journal summarizing an EPRI nationwide EMF survey of sources of 60 Hz magnetic fields in homes. One of the findings was that electric current in water pipes and other grounding paths may be the largest non-appliance magnetic field source in the home (Douglas 1993).

Wertheimer, Savitz, and Leeper published a paper in 1995 that found an association between cancer and conductive plumbing in residences. They found that measurements made in these residences suggest an increased cancer risk for persons who live with elevated magnetic fields from ground currents (Wertheimer, et.al. 1995).

From Havas & Stetzer Study, as reported in Shocking News, October 26,2004. Full text and graph can be downloaded at http://www.getpurepower.ca .

“….Blood plasma glucose of diabetics increased as measures of electricity (millivolts and microsurges) increased in the environment of patients diagnosed with diabetes. Fasting glucose increased from 100 mg/DL to 160 mg/DL as electricity in the environment increased from 0 to 60 millivolts (mV).”

“….reducing electrical pollution (high frequency electrical noise) by use of microsurge filters plugged into [Refers to Stetzer filters.] wall outlets resulted in blood glucose decreasing within minutes. Fasting blood sugar decreased from average 171 to 119 mg/DL.”

Dr. Magda Havas, a professor of the environmental and resource studies program at Trent University in Peterborough has recently presented a paper to the WHO suggesting, based on the results obtained when filters wee installed in subjects homes, that ES may have an association with diseases such as multiple sclerosis and diabetes. A subject in one of her studies, Brad Blumbergs, 28, was diagnosed with MS at 25. He required assistance when walking, and he’d lost 30 pounds he couldn’t afford to lose. Three days after filters were installed in his house, he was walking unassisted. Two weeks later, he was shoveling snow. [See paper at Resources]

Results of filtering a school

[Following are two letters to the school board of Melrose, WI from their district nurse. She is referring to the Graham/Stetzer filters that are plugged into outlets to remove the health-damaging high frequencies polluting the current in homes, schools, offices, etc. Only when the RF (radio-frequency pollution) is removed do people begin to realize the effects it has been having on them. — Shivani]


In the years previous to the filters being installed, several children required inhalation treatments for their asthma in the spring and in the fall. Many of them required nebulizer treatments once or twice a day while at school. I have not had to administer one nebulizer treatment this past year and of the 37 students with inhalers, only three of them use the inhaler for their exercise-induced asthma before Phy Ed.

Teachers are stating they are less fatigued and tired.

The sense of smell has come back for me. I lost it for three years and the doctors said it was my allergies.

The students seem to have more energy and appear and seem less tired.

Several staff who doctored regularly for allergies have not had to take medication or see their doctor because they are having less problems.

Students whom have been diagnosed with migraine headaches have had their headaches reduced or have no headaches at all.

I feel that our faculty and students have had improved health overall since the filters have been installed.

Char Sbraggia R.N.
District Nurse

[Ms. Sbraggia also wrote a two-year follow-up report, 1-14-05 — Shivani]


I am the schools district nurse and have been for the last 15 years. We have had the filters for the last two years. It is my opinion that our students, our teachers and all of our support staff are much healthier than before the filters were installed. This can be checked and verified by looking at our absences because of illness records.

Our asthmatics continue not to need neb treatments, have had no episodes at school requiring emergency treatment, and seem much healthier. Our students continue to have more energy.

All of the statements I presented in the first letter remain in effect. It is my opinion that we are a much healthier school since the filters have been installed.

If you want to experience this change, just try the filter for a few weeks and see if you don ‘ t experience a difference.

Char Sbraggia R.N.
District Nurse

[As reported by Angela Olstad, fourth grade teacher and building principal at the Mindoro school, the staff suffered from unexplainable health conditions for years. The list of symptoms includes fatigue, memory loss, facial flushing, rashes, headaches, numbness, loss of taste and smell, eye irritation, depression, sleep disturbances, double vision, asthma difficulties, sinus infections, and bronchitis. These health conditions began when school started and gradually went away throughout the summer months.

Angela herself had experienced a drastic change in her health soon after coming to the Mindoro school. The whole right side of her body went numb. She had terrible headaches, vision problems and felt completely exhausted at the end of a work day. She was unable to teach for an entire week without calling in sick After taking a day or two off, she would begin to recover over the weekend and she’d be back at work on Mondays. She was diagnosed with MS.

When the school hired Dave Stetzer to remediate the situation she actually accosted him in a hallway, yelling that they had already cleaned the ductwork to no avail, and she was sure this was going to be a waste of time and money too. A few weeks later she apologized, telling Dave her health was dramatically improved, as well as that of many students and other staff members. Many of the other teachers have also installed electrical filters in their homes

Dave Stetzer recently spoke before the Wisconsin School Board convention about the hazards of electrical pollution. Blair-Taylor, CFC, Brighton and Marshfield schools now have filters installed at each school building.

At Electrical Pollution.com you can click on a link on the main page to see an oscilloscope printout of an actual waveform (at right) in a Minnesota school classroom prior to remediation. A teacher in the room where the reading was taken had died of brain tumors, and the teacher in the adjoining room died of leukemia. The frequencies found were stated to be carcinogenic by Dr. Vitaly Reznik, head of sub-faculty of hygiene and epidemiology of the High School of Public Health, Kazakhstan.wavssmall

Kazakhstan has passed a federal regulation limiting electrical pollution to 50 GS units. A generally symptom-free level is 20. American homes commonly have 200 to 1,800 units, and some have more. Consumers should be receiving clean current, not polluted current that we have to clean up to save or recover our health.

Rep. Barbara Gronemus (D) – Whitehall, WI introduced legislation (bill AB529) that would require something to be done about electrical pollution. . So many residents affected by electrical pollution wished to testify that a hearing in Madison took all day and well into the evening. However, Wisconsin’s political situation has kept the bill in committee. – Shivani]

….OSHA Directive CPL 2-1.18A – Enforcement of the Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Standard, Effective Date: October 20, 1997, states as follows: “Hazardous energy means a voltage at which there is sufficient energy to cause injury.

[Since energy increases tremendously at higher frequencies, a small voltage is sufficient to cause damage to living bodies. The higher the frequency, the less resistance we have to it. Above 1.7 KHz all the energy dissipates internally into the human body. Therefore , electrical pollution fits the OSHA definition of hazardous energy . “Personally, I am sensitive to .01 volts per meter if electrical pollution is present.”

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