Man-made EMF|health effects – synopsis

Health Effects of Manmade Electromagnetic Frequencies|Synopsis

Introduction [1]

The greatest environmental change wrought so far by the human species is the change in the electromagnetic environment of the earth. For billions of years the earth’s electromagnetic environment was virtually “silent” in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum below visible light, and light itself was the most abundant source of electromagnetic energy. Now, in just a few decades, with the explosion of wireless signals of radio and TV broadcasts, radar, military applications, microwave towers and cell phones, and ever etcetera, the density of radio waves and microwaves in our environment is many millions of times higher than the natural levels with which all life on earth evolved. We have created and are living in a blanket of electrosmog never before experienced by living species, without having considered the consequences. What were we thinking?

Statements/Appeals by Informed Experts [2]

Public statements and appeals made by independent researchers & informed doctors, concerned about the health effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In October 1998, at the University of Vienna Workshop on Possible Biological and Health Effects of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, [ref. 15] the following resolution was adopted by the participating scientists. ( The Vienna Resolution ):

Symptoms of high frequency illness [3]

The original symptoms list below was published in”No Place To Hide” Volume 3, Number 1, April 2001,”Special Issue on Russian and Ukrainian Research” by Arthur Firstenberg, Editor of The Cellular Phone Taskforce.

Research [4]

Understanding how living creatures are affected by man-made electromagnetic frequencies requires an understanding of biological processes that is as yet foreign to some scientists who still believe that biological processes are just chemical processes, when in fact our biochemical processes all involve electromagnetism.

Calcium Ion Efflux [5]

Dr. Blackman has conducted far more experiments in his laboratory on this influx/efflux than anyone else. They have shown that calcium ion alteration occurs at particular carrier frequencies, particular signal strengths, particular modulation frequencies and in particular temperature ranges, but not in others which lie between them.

Melatonin Reduction [5]

There are well established theoretical and observationally confirmed mechanisms for external ELF signals to be resonantly absorbed in human tissue, especially the brain and heart, and cause reduced melatonin. Melatonin is the most potent naturally produced antioxidant that helps to protect cells from genetic damage that leads to cancer, neurological, cardiac and reproductive damage, illness and death.

Occupational Studies [6]

Human Melatonin, and its urinary metabolite, decreases in relation to EMF exposure of electrical workers in substations or on 3-phase conductors more than 2-hours per day, electric train perators, office workers using Visual Display Units (computer monitors), and cellular telephone users who use the phone more than 25 minutes per day. (Burch, J. B. et al. 2000. Melatonin Metabolite Levels in Workers Exposed to 60-Hz Magnetic Fields: Work in Substations and with 3-Phase Conductors. Occup Envir Med 42:(2)2000 .)

Power Line Studies [6]

A British study conducted by Dennis Henshaw and colleagues at the University of Bristol, published in the International Journal of Radiation Biology on February 14, 1996, found that power lines attract particles from radon gas, a known carcinogen. They have found evidence that the harmful concentrations of radon products may be present around overhead power lines. The electromagnetic fields associated with the lines can therefore concentrate a cocktail of potential carcinogens.

Cell Phone/Wireless Studies [7]

The biological affects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, from wireless technology, is a worldwide problem. One quarter of the world’s population is now exposing themselves to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones. The research team in Lundt University , Sweden , led by Leif Salford, referred to this as “the largest human biologic experiment ever”. They point out that soon, microwaves will be emitted by an abundance of other appliances in the `cordless’ office and in the home.

Cordless Phones [8]

Cordless phones are a significant danger to health due to pulsed electromagnetic radiation. Cordless phones have for some reason been misperceived by the public as safer than cell phones, though in fact the frequencies used by new cordless phones are in the same microwave range used by cell phones. They have a number of features that makes them particularly dangerous.

Proximity to Communications Towers [8]

The health effects of living near wireless communications towers. A study done in France by Santini showed significant associations between symptoms fitting to the microwave sickness and the distance to mobile phone base stations. It should be noted that the health related symptoms were most frequently reported at a distance of 50 100 m, which fits perfectly to the area with the highest microwave exposure in urban areas, where the main beam of the antennas usually hits the first houses. The second study done in Austria showed significant positive associations between the frequency selective measured electric field (GSM 900/1800) in the bedroom and cardiovascular systems.

Politics in Research [8]

“Two of the world’s leading radiation experts told The Express that multinational companies tried to influence the results of their research. Professor Ross Adey, a biologist, had his funding withdrawn by Motorola before completing research which showed that mobiles affected the number of brain tumours in animals. Dr. Henry Lai, who has been studying the biological effects of electromagnetic fields for 20 years, was asked three times to change findings on how they caused DNA breaks in rats.” Express Newspapers 24 May, 1999

Corruption at the W.H.O. [9]

“Precautionary policies should not be applied to EMFs,” states Dr. Michael Repacholi. (MWN, S/O 01). As reported in Microwave News, Mike Repacholi, the head of the WHO EMF project,”recruited utility representatives to help write the original draft of the WHO document recommending exposure levels, and later asked them to review the completed draft. Repacholi invited eight utility representatives to attend task group meeting — the only observers who were invited.

Safety Standards [10]

The Precautionary Principle indicates that, when there is plausible scientific evidence of significant harm from a proposed or ongoing activity, preventive or corrective action should be taken to reduce or eliminate that risk of harm, despite residual scientific uncertainty about cause and effect relationships. Although there is general agreement on the principle, humans to date have often failed dramatically in the practical application of it. As noted by Alasdair Phillips of Powerwatch,”History is filled with examples of “perfectly safe” environmental factors that later turned out to be harmful, if not disastrous…Even the American Medical Association (AMA) accepted tobacco advertising in its journals, with such statements as, “They won’t harm anybody. They will prove enjoyable.”

Electrical Pollution [11]

ELECTRICAL POLLUTION: health-damaging ELF frequencies we are exposed to due to the inappropriate design of the 50/60 Hz electrical transmission and distribution systems. Low frequency electromagnetic fields, whose frequencies, harmonics and sub-harmonics coincide with the range of frequencies used by our brains, hearts and cells. Subtly and at extremely low intensities, they strongly interact, through resonant absorption, with primary functions of our bodies with significant elevations in depression, sickness and death. (Dr. Neil Cherry.)

Electrical Sensitivity [12]

ELECTRICAL SENSITIVITY: How the body reacts to man-made electromagnetic radiation, research and governmental response

“My working hypothesis ….is that electrohypersensitivity is a kind of irradiation damage, since the observed cellular changes are very much the same as the ones you would find in tissue subjected to UV-light or ionizing radiation.” Prof. Olle Johannson

WiFi [13]

Hundreds of studies have already demonstrated the severely deleterious health effects of living near radio and microwave broadcast towers. Also, review the information on irrelevance of present SAR standards. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) itself acknowledges that current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) radiation protection standards are inadequate and do not account for all possible harmful effects of RFR, in particular the non-thermal effects that are of particular relevance to the radiation utilized by WiFi. In a July 16, 2002 letter from Norbert Hankin of the EPA’s Center for Science and Risk Assessment, Radiation Protection Division to Janet Newton, President of The EMR Network, Mr. Hankin writes: “The FCC’s current exposure guidelines, as well as those of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, are thermally based, and do not apply to chronic, non-thermal exposure situations.”