Making It Better Notes

The Making It Better Notes are detailed instructions of how to thoroughly check your home and other personal spaces for electrical pollution and then do the remediation necessary to create an electromagnetically safe environment. The Notes are written in a non-technical way, in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format. The information in the Making It Better Notes is not available in any book or on any other Web site on the planet.  Step-by-step do-it-yourself household electrical pollution safety and remediation instructions.

Making It Better Notes : contact Shivani directly

Installing the Stetzerizer™ filters cleans up the frequencies in your electrical circuits, but I have yet to find a home in which the high frequency electrical pollution had not taken other pathways through the home, which also needed to be dealt with, or where the residents themselves were not using equipment that created undesirable frequencies. In addition, we need to become aware of the wireless signals in our personal environment, and take steps to protect ourselves from these as well.Even pricey “EMF experts” are often unaware of the issues involved with electrical pollution and ground currents. I have heard from people who had paid large sums to such “experts” to do things to their homes that in fact made matters worse. When I advised one long-suffering woman that the next time her “expert” came she should ask him to go through her entire house and look for health-damaging frequencies, she called me back to say “He wants to know what frequencies he should be looking for.”

In order to complete all of the steps described in the Notes that deal with electrical pollution, you will need the Stetzer surgemeter and a Multidetector II Profi or equivalent. If you wish to address wireless exposures as well, you will need a wireless signal detector such as the Electrosmog Detector. These are the best instruments available for the purpose and the price. I would not recommend them otherwise.