Bias in Health Advisory Committees
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Independent researchers and informed/concerned individuals around the world are ever more aghast regarding the fact that the international organizations charged with setting standards to protect public health are instead acting to protect the industries creating what the public needs protection from.

Don Maisch has written an excellent paper that briefly examines recent actions taken by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International EMF Project and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

He concludes that:



“When it comes to non-ionizing adiation issues (in this case for power requency health risk assessment) the evidence s clear that Michael Repacholi has used his standing in both WHO and ICNIRP to stack the WHO’s Environmental Health Criteria ask Group for power frequency exposures with representatives of the power industry incontravention of WHO policy.  

This action can only be construed as being aimed at ensuring that industry involvement in determining the WHO Environmental Health Criteria will bias ICNIRP’s risk assessment for power frequency exposure limits for years to come. This will conveniently provide economic protection for the industry against the need to spend enormous sums of money on upgrading
distribution systems as well as risks of litigation. Such a blatant disregard for the fundamental principles of credible science, a sell as WHO’s mission on protecting worldhealth, speaks of a desperation to bury independent science at all costs, even if that cost is the integrity of WHO.”

Please read the entire paper, Conflict of Interest and Bias in Health Advisory Committees:. A case study of the WHO’s EMF Task Group, by Don Maisch, for the details on the dirty deeds being done by those charged with protecting your health.
This paper can be found at:  www.emfacts.com/papers/who_conflict.pdf

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