More dirt on Repacholi & the W.H.O. 

The actions of Dr. Mike Repacholi while he was head of the World Health Organization EMF project merited a section on my Web site entitled Corruption at the W.H.O.

In August of 2006 Repacholi moved on from W.H.O. and is now a industry consultant for Connecticut Light and Power Company, with the job of helping steer the Connecticut Siting Council away from a strict EMF exposure standard. The two utilities owning the Company commissioned Repacholi to prepare detailed comments to rebut the state Department of Public Health and support a 100 mG exposure level.

This in spite of the fact that:

– Children exposed to 2 mG have a threefold increase in risk and those exposed to 3 mG have a fourfold increase in the risk of leukemia.

– There is a five-fold increase in the risk of childhood leukemia, lymphomas and brain tumours where children living near power lines are exposed to 4 mG.

– A 12 mG magnetic field can block the protective action of melatonin against the growth of cancer cells. (Confirmed by 4 independent studies.)

12 mG magnetic fields can block the growth inhibition of tamoxifen, a drug used to control breast cancer

– Dr. Neil Cherry, whose impeccable work is renowned, concluded that "Every person is at risk of neurological effect from living, working or going to school in fields of 0.2 mG or more."

New information has also emerged indicating that the WHO EMF project has been receiving even more industry support than previously acknowledged.

Repacholi is now using the materials he prepared at the W.H.O. with industry money to support industry's policy positions. A wonderful deal for industry. A terrible deal for you and your children.

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