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 Prof. Magda Havas & Dave Stetzer interview 07.27.2006
Dirty electricity may be affecting your health. Joy Cardin’s guests say electricity pollution is widespread, but offer ways to deal with the problem.

– Dave Stetzer, industrial electrician, and president of Stetzer Electric
– Magda Havas, professor of environmental and resources studies, Trent University, Ontario. She’s conducted several studies of the health effects of dirty electricity.

Host is Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio.
Format: MP3


Dr. Gerald Goldberg interview 07.21.2006
A discussion onhealth problems associated with microwave exposure, the US healthcare system and the problems we are facing with the unregulated proliferation of microwave transmitters.

– Dr. Gerald Goldberg, MD

Host is Lee Stringer of the Progressive Radio Network.
Format: MP3


Louis Slesin interview 07.11.2006
Louis Slesin of Microwave News speaks to Dr. Layna Berman & Dr. Jeffry Fawcett on the Your Own Health And Fitness program.

-Dr. Layna Berman & Dr. Jeffry Fawcett 

Host is: Louis Slesin of Microwave News
Format: MP3

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