Living by cell phone antennae/towers/masts 

Following are excerpts from a Power Watch piece about the effects of living near cell phone antennae/towers/masts. These are the comments of Dr Bill Curry, a USA-based EMF bio-effects expert.

The…symptoms from which Ena Bambrough suffered until her death…sound to me like part of the microwave sickness syndrome [See symptoms of high frequency illness.] that Russian scientists studied over a period of 40 years of observations of people who worked around sources of RF radiation.…These scientists..stated that the early phases of the syndrome are reversible, but that over time it becomes LETHAL. 

…. Having seen a resident of Vienna whose apartment is right across the street from a cell phone antenna installation and whose legs are red as boiled lobsters’ legs, I am a believer in the deleterious effects of microwave radiation.

Having also witnessed what the radiation has done to people on a scenic ridge in upstate New York that puts them almost on eye-level with directional cell phone antennas on a tower rising from the base of the ridge, my realization that the medical profession will eventually have to acknowledge the existence of RF sickness is strengthened.

…. One lady (in her early forties) on that ridge has suffered internal bleeeding around the periphery of her brain – hemmorhagic stroke….An even younger man on that ridge suffered a stroke at age 39…. On the same ridge, I witnessed people suffering from the blinding headaches and the tinitus that afflicted the late Ena Bambrough in the U.K.

These people…began to notice the symptoms about 6 weeks after the cell tower began operation in early 1997.

…The symptoms were present, when I visited, at radiation levels no higher than 25 microwatts per square centimeter on a day when the residents said the raidiaton was “light.”

These people often have to sleep in their car miles away from the cell phone tower. At home, they can’t sleep on some bad nights. On the same ridge, dogs had come down with tumors and died.

While there undoubtedly is an effect of genetic variability, I am fairly well convinced …. that anyone subjected to microwave radiation on a chronic basis will eventually become electrosensitive.

I know a couple in California who live in the coastal Mendocino Mountains and are apparently affected by scatter or spillover from a Pave Paws radar beam whose source is 150 miles away near Sacramento. The state health department won’t touch this issue (because of the Air Force’s involvement) and they dismiss it as being impossible because of the distance. In this family, the father and mother have suffered from a variety of illnesses such as those I have previously mentioned, but both children have had forms of cancer. One had leukemia, and the other had a non-malignant brain tumor removed. …When these people have driven away from home and traveled to the areas that are shadowed from the radar, their symptoms have ceased.

Because our government is so blinded by the absurd notion that only biological heating is important, they completely ignore what pulses do to biological cells….

…I just cannot countenance the official blindness of government institutions that are supposed to protect the populace, but, instead, act as promotional agencies. The FCC and similar organizations in other countries should be split into an agency which promotes the technology and an independent, separately funded agency whose only fucntion is to regulate providers of the technology and to protect the public.

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