FREQUENCY, not field strength, the key

A crucial element is overlooked in electrical pollution readings. Most eadings focus on magnetic field strenth. However, the FREQUENCIES present in the fields are of prime importance and are much more relevant information when checked.

Regarding situations like the one Don Maisch described, at the Queensland Post Office next to an electrical substation, a crucial element is overlooked in the readings that are taken. The readings focus on the strength of the magnetic fields. However, the FREQUENCIES present in the fields are of prime importance. I am sure these would have revealed much more relevant information if they had been checked.

The Russians have long been aware that frequency causes stress and disease, including cancer. Most of us who are deeply concerned about the health effects of EMF/EMR know this, yet for some reason the main focus in research and activism remains on field strength.

Please see an oscilloscope image of the frequencies found in a classroom in a school where the present and previous teachers had gotten cancer, accompanied by the statement of Dr. Vitaly Reznik regarding the conditions caused by those frequencies.

In the Electrical Pollution section of this site, you will quite a bit of information about the improvement in various health conditions obtained when the damaging frequencies are removed from the living environment. Be sure to read one of Dr. Havas’ relevant studies as well.

The Soviets and others have shown that frequency causes cancer and the many other conditions they list under the heading Radio Wave Sickness. It is not “magnetic field sickness.” It is frequency-caused.

The harmful frequencies can be found in magnetic, as well as electric, fields, yes. However, removing the damaging frequencies results in health improvement even though field strength remains the same!

I am also speaking from personal experience when I say this. I suffered from painful and debilitating health symptoms, including extreme cardiac irregularities, that disappeared entirely after the offending frequencies were filtered from my home.

If the electric power companies in Queensland operate the way ones in the USA do, they are using the ground (terra firma) to return most of the current to the substations, and due to the “skin effect” high frequencies are subject to, that portion of the current returning via the ground is mostly high-frequency. Buildings near a substation, then, are in an area where the invisible rivers of high-frequency current are converging. As the Post Office is right next door to a substation, it would be very interesting to take ground current and frequency readings there.

A second look at the famous Wertheimer study examined the frequencies present, and found that it was frequency, not field strength, that correlated to the cancer cases.

When checking your personal environment, remember to focus on harmful frequencies, not field strengths. An ordinary gauss meter is useless for this purpose. The two meters and the detector in the Products pages here are the tools you need for the job. The Making It Better Notes will walk you through both the metering and remediation.

Shivani Arjuna

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