WiFi Forces Relocation

The following is excerpted from a translation of a recent article by Swedish journalist Mona Nielsen. It is interesting that although Sweden recognizes electrical sensitivity and has protective regulations based on this official recognition, officials have not responded to the needs of the affected residents.

In contrast, the residents of Simcoe, Canada, where there is no official recognition of electrical sensitivity or of health damage at low levels of exposure, the county officials voted to take action to move an offending tower causing similar health problems. [See previous post for details.]

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Götene residents forced from home by wireless broadband.

In February 2006 Götene’s municipality in Västergötland, Sweden, put its wireless internet system into use. Right after this, 8 citizens got ill (heart palpitations, breathing problems, nausea, headache, dizziness, etc.) and some of them had to leave their homes and settle down in the woods in
small cottages.

One woman who was thus forced to leave her family acquired maps shoving the coverage of the broadband and found that their farm lies in the crossbeam of two broadband masts.

As there are several people in Götene parish who suffer health problems from the microwave radiation from the wireless broadband installations [including some who specifically moved to this area to avoid wireless radiation] a group has for some considerable time upheld discussions with Götene parish about the broadband roll-out.

The Parish Council Executive decided on the 8th of June 2004 that the broadband should be landline broadband, or dsl-technology, [but] the council´s civil servants decided to introduce… both the landline and Wimax, the wireless broadband.

Possible health risks were not taken into consideration when the council, with the help of a consultant, evaluated different proposals. On the contrary, the wireless broadband got plus-points for being an “Un-tried technical solution which
promises a lot of potential”

The affected residents demand, with the support in the Environmental Protection law (Miljöbalken), that the installations be turned off , but the parish council adheres to the misleading information of the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute.

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Against this background, the question of wireless internet radiation was discussed in the public service prime time TV program “Debatt”, on May 23rd, 2006 by Hans Wiksell, professor at the Karolinska Institute, Olle Johansson, assoc. prof. at the Karolinska Institute, Lars Mjönes at the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, and Mona Nilsson, freelance writer.

Two main focuses were identified, one being about the handicap perspective of electrohypersensitivity and the role of municipalities regarding accessability measures for persons with this functional impairment. A second focus dealt with the scientific background, the build-up of various official authorities, like the ICNIRP and the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, and the fact that the experts who are critical – and are in majority in Sweden – are not allowed to participate in scientific
committees as well as writing reviews about this issue.

The TV interview is in Swedish, but is being translated into an English transcript, which should be available soon at the Mast Victims site.

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