Offending celltower to be moved!

As reported in the Bradford Expositor, after a five-hour debate on June 6th in which people living near a celltower tower in Siomcoe, Canada described its effects on their health, the councillors of Norfolk County have decided to move the recently-installed tower.

As per usual, a representative of the cell tower company assured everyone that the tower was operating within guidelines set by Health Canada and Industry Canada and that there no conclusive evidence linking radio frequency waves with illness, adding “The alleged fear can be mitigated by the guidelines.”

If you are not aware of the absurdity of present guidelines, please see the section on “Safety standards” in the Notes on the Health Effects of Manmade Electromagnetic Frequencies here on my site.

If you are not aware that research has definitely shown the effects of EMR exposure, see the Resarch section of the same Notes, particularly the section titled “proximity to communications towers.”

To refer to the fear of the affected residents’, who clearly described their symptoms and shared their thoughts in the hearing, as “alleged” is truly adding insult to injury.

This time, local residents were well informed and able to convince their councillors that the mitigation needed called for moving the tower, not applying the snake oil of industry reassurances.

One councilman who voted to move the tower warned that this might be the start of similar requests from other county residents who live near cell towers. And well it should be!

Do you live near a cell phone tower? Do you have any of the symptoms of high-frequency illness listed here on the site? Do these symptoms improve when you spend time away from communications signals?

If you are interested in taking action, please get in touch.

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