FREQUENCY, not field strength, the key

A crucial element is overlooked in electrical pollution readings. Most eadings focus on magnetic field strenth. However, the FREQUENCIES present in the fields are of prime importance and are much more relevant information when checked.

Regarding situations like the one Don Maisch described, at the Queensland Post Office next to an electrical substation, a crucial element is overlooked in the readings that are taken. The readings focus on the strength of the magnetic fields. However, the FREQUENCIES present in the fields are of prime importance. I am sure these would have revealed much more relevant information if they had been checked.

The Russians have long been aware that frequency causes stress and disease, including cancer. Most of us who are deeply concerned about the health effects of EMF/EMR know this, yet for some reason the main focus in research and activism remains on field strength.

Please see an oscilloscope image of the frequencies found in a classroom in a school where the present and previous teachers had gotten cancer, accompanied by the statement of Dr. Vitaly Reznik regarding the conditions caused by those frequencies.

In the Electrical Pollution section of this site, you will quite a bit of information about the improvement in various health conditions obtained when the damaging frequencies are removed from the living environment. Be sure to read one of Dr. Havas’ relevant studies as well.

The Soviets and others have shown that frequency causes cancer and the many other conditions they list under the heading Radio Wave Sickness. It is not “magnetic field sickness.” It is frequency-caused.

The harmful frequencies can be found in magnetic, as well as electric, fields, yes. However, removing the damaging frequencies results in health improvement even though field strength remains the same!

I am also speaking from personal experience when I say this. I suffered from painful and debilitating health symptoms, including extreme cardiac irregularities, that disappeared entirely after the offending frequencies were filtered from my home.

If the electric power companies in Queensland operate the way ones in the USA do, they are using the ground (terra firma) to return most of the current to the substations, and due to the “skin effect” high frequencies are subject to, that portion of the current returning via the ground is mostly high-frequency. Buildings near a substation, then, are in an area where the invisible rivers of high-frequency current are converging. As the Post Office is right next door to a substation, it would be very interesting to take ground current and frequency readings there.

A second look at the famous Wertheimer study examined the frequencies present, and found that it was frequency, not field strength, that correlated to the cancer cases.

When checking your personal environment, remember to focus on harmful frequencies, not field strengths. An ordinary gauss meter is useless for this purpose. The two meters and the detector in the Products pages here are the tools you need for the job. The Making It Better Notes will walk you through both the metering and remediation.

Shivani Arjuna

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HighSpeed Internet Router Dangers

High-speed internet routers can either be hardwired (with physical wiring) or transmit wirelessly. All wireless routers that power quality experts have tested produce health-damaging high-frequencies that actually exceed the highest level the testing equipment can register.

It is possible for a hardwired router to have electrical malfunctions that result in severe electrical pollution, as was experienced by Kriss Brekke, whose story appears below.

Research has amply shown the harmful health effects of exposing living bodies to radio and microwave frequencies. There is no convenience worth your health or life. If you want high-speed internet connection, use only wiring, not wireless, and check for possible frequency-producing malfunction with a Stetzer surge meter. Use Stetzerizer filters to reduce the broadcasting of harmful levels of electrical pollution from building wiring.

Since his recovery, Kris has become an activist/educator regarding electrical pollution. He is particularly interested in contacting others who have brain cancer, and invites your enquiry.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Electrical Pollution and Cancer: A Survivor’s Story

In late January 2005, I was diagnosed with a high grade brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma) that has an average survival time of 18 months. A biopsy and tissue test were done at UW Hospital in Madison, and the pathology was confirmed by MD Anderson in Houston. I had just turned 50, and had been exceptionally healthy until experiencing a seizure on Halloween 2004. I also had tingling in my left hand.

A friend of my mother told me about electrical pollutionand recommended that I study the topic at electricalpollution.com and stetzerelectric.com. She also lent me a microsurge meter from Stetzer Electric that reads changes in voltage as a function of time (dV/dt).A healthy level is under 50. Most of my outlets showed a solid “1”,with but some were fluctuating around 1900. I called Stetzer Electric and learned that the meter only displays up to 1999, and shows a “1” for readings above that. [In other words, the electrical polllution level was above 2000, more than the meter could register.]

I immediately ordered 20 filters, but these were not enough to bring the problem under control. On the advice of Dave Stetzer, I checked the electrical panel, and found that the readings dropped when one circuit was turned off. By unplugging electral devices on that circuit one-by-one, I found that an AC/DC power supply for a network router was causing the problem (this router had been continuously plugged in for about 4 years).

After the router was replaced, microsurge readings throughout our house dropped by 99%. The tingling in in my left hand went away immediately. The best news came last Thursday (June 16, 2005) when an MRI showed that my tumor had collapsed to a line that may be scar tissue.

I cannot be certain that electrical pollution caused my tumor, or that fixing the electrical problem influenced my recovery… Unfortunately, cancer patients… do not have time to wait for conclusive research. They must act with incomplete information to reduce exposure to as many risk factors as possible. Checking homes and workplaces for high levels of electromagnetic radiation is a good place to start.

I believe that electrical pollution is a serious environmental hazard that is rarely recognized by its victims. Without greater awareness, health and lives will continue to be needlessly wasted. I am grateful for life, and hope that this information will help others in their battle with cancer.

Kris Brekke, Madison, WI

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A personal friend of mine was diagnosed with an advanced case of the most aggressive form of brain cancer, and asked for my help. He had been sleeping in a brass bed with extension cords against the frame, exposing him all night long to health-damaging frequencies. A large decorative brass tube ran just above his head, broadcasting the frequencies into his head. He had also been using a cell (microwave) phone on the side where the tumor originated.

We cleared his sleeping area of damaging frequencies. He also ditched the microwave phone and made some nutritional changes to increase his immunity. He passed through the conventional medical treatment and has defied the terrible odds of the tumor recurring.

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EMR program on The Morning Show, KPFA Pacifica Radio

Independent documentary film maker, Doug Loranger and medical/science journalist B. Blake Levitt, Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 8:30 Pacific Coast Time (11:30 AM East Coast Time).

Independent documentary film maker, Doug Loranger (producer and director of “Bad Reception, The Wireless Revolution in San Francisco”) and medical/science journalist B. Blake Levitt (author of “Electromagnetic Fields, A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves” and editor of “Cell Towers, Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard?”) will be interviewed on The Morning Show, KPFA Pacifica Radio, Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 8:30 Pacific Coast Time (11:30 AM East Coast Time). This is 11:30 am in Time Zone Five, etcetera.)

To listen live through your computer:  The Morning Show, Tuesday June 20, 2006

[ NOTE: The MP3 file contains the entire Morning Show – the interview in question is found at 1hr 30 min 14 seconds into the show; this is near the end.  On your player scale this will be seen as: 01:30:14  ]

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