Irradiated K-5 School Closing

As reported in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article, a Santa Cruz K-5 school is closing because of cell tower radiation. Two interesting points are that the offending transmitters are sited in a church tower, and that many microwave towers these days are disguised as trees, billboards, etcetera. It’s possible that your child’s school playground or your favorite campground now hosts a microwave tower disguised as a tree.

The only way to know is to check for yourself. This is why I decided to offer the Electrosmog Detector, described in the Products pages. When we travel I always take an Electrosmog Detector along, to help us find motels that are not hit by radiation from a cell tower. The major motels along the main throughways are bad risks, and almost all of them now have WiFi as well. We find healthier motels by exiting the throughway and driving through an adjacent small town. These motels are less expensive, and support private owners as well.

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